massage therapist in Portland OR

What A Pleasure; It’s Time For A Massage

Nothing pleases the writer more than being able to write about topics and ideas that interest him the most. Like that lovely massage therapist in Portland OR he met when he was over there last. No, really. He really did. And she was really swell. Very good looking indeed, quite pretty, actually. But it was not that. It was nothing personal or untoward. It was strictly business. And yet this writer still had a lovely time nevertheless.

Here. Let this writer quickly explain to you why. And how.

But wait! Before I forget! It’s still time for a good massage. What a pleasure, people!

Go once and you will want to go again. Because how you will feel after you have had your first massage with a qualified, registered and licensed massage therapist or therapist. If she is qualified, she certainly should know what she is doing. She is able to hit the sweet spot pretty much every time you lay yourself down on her specially developed massage table. Well, sour spot then. Or is it really sore this time?

massage therapist in Portland OR

Anyway, this should not be happening too often just as long as you are keeping to your regular schedule of visiting your local massage therapist. It most certainly will not be on the daily basis although it has to be said that there are those who insist on doing that. Going to the massage parlor every single day of their lives, barring weekend and thanksgiving days of course. Miss or skip one day and some of them might be feeling quite irritable.

Anyway, this writer needs to wrap things up over here. You want to know why? As if you should ask. Because it’s time for a good massage, that’s why.